1. What are Academic Profiles?

Academic profiles are a one-stop solution for all your academics needs. User profiles offer a variety of features ranging from regular updates and happenings around the global educational system. We are constantly working on adding more features to make your education journey a fun and learning experience.

2. How can Academic Profiles help me?

Study Heights Academic profiles can help to achieve multiple targets and save on time. We take into account, your academic qualifications and interests to generate the top courses and opportunities using Smart Match Technology. Among the many uses of Academic profiles, it

  • Helps you match with the top courses in your country and abroad
  • Helps you track your visa and renewals at discounted rates
  • elps you find accommodation
  • Helps you match with the top global job opportunities
  • Helps you generate Automatic CVs or Resumes
  • Helps you earn $( Student Dollars) and a scholarship Abroad
  • Helps you become student ambassadors and earn a scholarship abroad
  • Helps you to showcase your talent to the world.
  • Helps you save documents for easy access with Document Vault

3. I am planning to study abroad. Can Academic Profile help?

Absolutely. Academic profiles help you discover the best courses and top working opportunities abroad. We help you keep a track of your education, visa, student rentals for accommodation, and jobs ranging from part-time to full-time jobs in your country and abroad. We are constantly increasing our reach into the global market to provide better results.

4. How many days will it take to receive my offer letter?

After you create an academic profile, all you need to do is select the course you want to study and upload the required documents. It can take anywhere from 7 -14 days to receive your offer letter. If you have any queries or doubts on how to select the best course, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will help you with the best guidance possible.

5. I Have received my offer letter. What do I do next?

Congratulations on receiving your offer letter. You can start applying for your visa in the "Apply For Visa" section in the Academic profile. Upload all the required documents. Sit back and relax. Our representatives will work on attaining you a visa. Once you receive your Visa, you will receive an email and a notification to book your flights and your accommodation.

6. How long does it take to receive the visa?

It can take anywhere from 15 to 45 days to receive your visa depending upon the country you are applying to. To minimize the time frame, please provide clear copies of the requested documents and upload them to the Document Vault section of your profile.

7. What is a Document Vault?

A document vault is a 2FA vault for your Academic profile holding all the necessary documents that you may need during your stay overseas. Simply create a 4 digit login password and keep your document safe and handy.

8. How can I earn with my Academic Profile?

We are providing everybody an opportunity to earn Student Dollars and merchandise by participating in online contests, quizzes, referral programs, and student ambassador opportunities.

9. How can I check the upcoming contests?

To participate in the ongoing contests, navigate to the My Career section of your profile and click the CONTEST tab. You can check your entry and other submissions by clicking on the "See Rank" option.

To stay updated with the latest announcements contest, kindly click the "Notify" option to receive notifications and emails.

10. Why should I become a student ambassador?

Study Heights is providing a golden opportunity for students to earn a scholarship for their studies by working while they study. Work with us and become a part of the campaign to spread the word about us. To know more about earnings slabs, navigate to the "My Career" tab and click on the "Earn more" tab to vies the Earning Slab.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us through the Contact Us form from the Contact Page.

11. Why Should I subscribe to Universities?

Academic profiles help you to stay updated with universities worldwide to help you make a better choice for your higher studies.

By subscribing to universities/colleges, you will receive automatic updates on your profile. To view, the latest posts navigate to the "My Activity" tab.

12. Can I Earn by Subscribing to Universities?

Yes. You can not only earn by subscribing to universities/Colleges but also increase your earnings by sharing the content on your social media platforms. We currently allow you to earn by sharing the posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

13. How to make a CV/Resume?

Academic Profiles provides you with an amazing feature of generating a CV as you complete your profile. To generate a complete CV please complete the MY account section in the user profile and click on the MY CV icon.

14. More Questions?

Contact us if you have any further queries.