Thousands of Indian students are traveling overseas every year in search of there dream destinations. Choosing a study destination over the other the developed countries can be a difficult choice to make especially when it comes to your choice of life and career. This becomes furthermore confusing with the sheer number or guidance ideas across the number of social media platforms across the world wide web.

If you are one of those troubled souls and planning your next move to New Zealand for higher education, you have made the right choice. Here are four reasons why your next move can be a life-changing one.


1. Study in New Zealand for cheap

New Zealand is one of the most expensive countries in the world. This might come across a striking fact to you but when compared to the tuition fees on countries like the UK, Canada, and the USA among others, it stands out to be the lowest. For a one-year graduate diploma, international student have to spend anywhere between $18000 - $22000 ( 1 NZ$ = Rs 44-49). That's the cost of studies from a reputable private institution in India.


2. New Zealand 3 year STUDY + Work Visa

In the recent changes to the rules, Immigration New Zealand increased the Post Study Work Visa ( Open Job Search Visa) to a  validity of 2 years instead on the previous one year. This is done in order to attract more international students in the country. 

What does it mean for you?

It means that once you get enrolled in a course in New Zealand, you will have 1 year to complete that. After completion, you will acquire a 2-year work permit to stay and work in the country. 


3. Increase in the BASIC Pay Rate in New Zealand to $17.70 PH

If you are looking for more reasons to board that plane to New Zealand. the latest news may help you pack your bags. In the latest development in New Zealand, the basic minimum pay rate has been increased to $17.70 per hour. A student arriving in June 019 shall be able to work 20 hours of there agreed hours of work on that pay. 

You as a student can end up earning $ 17.70 X 20 hours = $354 a week to support yourself while in New Zealand


4. Growing Jobs and Economy

New Zealand has been growing at a steady rate and is expected to do so in the coming future. New Zealand, unlike other nations, has not opened up its gate to the migrants around the world and hence you need to work to make a place for yourself in the society. With Auckland almost reaching it's a saturation point, the New Zealand government is trying to come up and develop the other regions of the country. The INZ has supported the initiate by providing 30 bonus points to the skilled people who live and work outside Auckland.


The fact that New Zealand is one of the most peaceful places in the world apart from the mesmerizing natural surrounding, makes it one of the most sorted out destinations to study for the Indian students. The IELTS score required for admission in a graduate diploma is 6.5 and the ease of the process makes it easy to apply and get accepted in the colleges. 

If you are about to finish your schooling ( +12) or Graduation, this might be the best time to make your next move to study in New Zealand.

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