Skilled Indians moving abroad

Migration is quite a common phenomenon across the globe. In under-developed or ‘third world’ nations, this phenomenon is even more pronounced especially among young and educated populations. According to statistical studies, about 17 million Indians were living abroad as of 2017 and the larger majority of this was at least university graduates. This mass migration can be attributed to the following reasons among others;

1.     Opportunity Seekers

On the global market, the highly skilled professionals stand to find better employment opportunities and have access to better facilities such as education and health. This becomes a drive for migration for the population that manages to acquire higher educational qualifications and skills which makes them competitive on an international level. In these better-performing economies, the highly skilled individuals stand to earn better wages and benefits as opposed to the remunerations being offered in their home nations.

2.     Social and Political Motivators

Developed nations offer a much more open and inclusive social and political environment. For the emancipated individuals, the option to migrate out of a seemingly restrictive environment such as India can be a strong push factor. These freedoms range from the freedom of association to human rights issues such as same-sex marriages.

3.     Advanced Education Systems

There are nations that are associated with more reputable and advanced institutions of learning outside India. This can act as a pull factor for the skilled and highly educated populations as they pursue the more specialized academics that can suit their intellectual capabilities.

4.     Traditional Norms

Most developing countries have a traditional mentality that glorifies the pursuance of opportunities abroad. This alone can influence the excisions by the highly skilled to seek opportunities outside the country without even considering local offers.

5.     Economic Stabilities

If one examines migration trends across the globe, a very clear pattern can be established whereby the destination points for these migrating people are usually regions of very high economic stability and growth. This is quite unsurprising considering that the working or skilled men can only thrive in a consistent environment where his/her salary retains its value without inflation worries. It can, therefore, explain the movement of skilled persons out of the country.

The drive behind the migration of skilled persons from India to foreign countries cannot certainly be confined to the above-mentioned reasons due to the uniqueness of each particular event. In general, however, most of the factors leading to this desire for migration are based on the pursuit of a better life whether socially or economically.

In some instances, curiosity comes into play. Students are eager to explore the cultures and lifestyles of the people living abroad. This mingling and interaction with the people in the foreign country serves to broaden one's thinking, improve social skills and communication skills which will, in turn, assist with improving networking when a graduate is employed for a specific organization.

In India, the unemployment rate is on the increase with job hunting posing a challenge for young professionals. This is opposed to the situation abroad where a student can secure a job while still studying and work part- time to sustain them and lead a comfortable life without much struggle or even in some assistance pay their own way through school.

All factors considered, the call for education abroad is becoming louder and appealing for the assurance of a better and easier life as opposed to staying back home.

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