New Zealand what makes it a coveted destination for international students?

New Zealand Coveted Destination For International Students - Study Heights 

I always had a dream of studying in an illustrious university abroad. Hence, there was fancy for universities in the UK and USA. I never thought that I would land up studying in New Zealand which a few decades ago, was a small island on the international map. If you have asked me anything about New Zealand before 1994 and I will tell you that very little was known about this once a discrete country. 

All I knew that its minuscule human population was (and still is) outnumbered by sheep 11: 1. Of course, much has changed in the last sixteen years. However, my perceptions started to change thanks to Peter Jackson and the phenomenal success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, along with a series of high-grossing films like the Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar featured scenic locations of New Zealand. 

 I realized that New Zealand is a small but powerful nation with immense possibilities. As the country continued to receive media attention from programs, like Amazing Race whose host was New Zealander anchor an eminent personality Phil Koeghanwho globalized the scenic splendor of the country. Although the country has risen into fame and prosperity, New Zealand is indeed one of the best-kept secrets in the world! 

I was baffled to learn that New Zealand has become such a popular destination for tourists, migrants and thousands of international students. When I came to know that New Zealand also hosts excellent universities and training institutes, along with vibrant student culture, and all that good kinds of stuff at less than half of the cost of studying in USA or UK I could not restrain from knowing more from trusted education counselors. 

Astonishingly, most of the education counselors were obsessed impressing students in favour of the universities in Europe and USA. My case was not an exception either. I was feeling disappointed until one of my good friends suggested to have a look at to get all the relevant details.  

At my first tryst with the portal, I was impressed. I found many like-minded aspirants and enrolled students studying in New Zealand registered here. Once I registered here, I tested the ingenuity of the sites by posing a question in the open forum. In a short span of time, that I got was mind-blowing. All my queries were answered with authentic proof in relation to:  

  • Living, studying and working in a safe and peaceful environment. In fact, New Zealand values ??security within their communities so much that even our police do not carry guns, and it is illegal to drive without a seatbelt. 

  • The delightful location of each town and cities in New Zealand makes it a coveted country for settlement. They are located close to local beaches, national parks, lakes and nature in general. No matter where you study or live, you will always be inside at the most, within an hour's drive of the nearest "natural" playground. You will never run out of places to explore here. 

  • The cosmopolitan culture of the country is ideal. Students have a special place in New Zealand society. Many local businesses cater to higher education students: student discounts at major clothing stores and local cafes, bars and restaurants are just one of the advantages of being a student in New Zealand.  


  • There are also numerous music and culture festivals organized by students throughout the year, and a support network/student organization for those who are new to tertiary education and/or in New Zealand. 

  • Study Heights provided well-documented and authentic information about universities/training institutes are internationally recognized and offer courses and programs that meet and stay up-to-date with international trends and standards. 

New Zealand is one of the most 

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