Trump victory see a rise in search result for: Study in Canada

There has been a steep increase in the number of Americans looking to study or work in Canada after Donald Trump was elected as the US president earlier this month.

The online search 'Best Universities in Canada' rose almost 10 times after Donald Trump was elected the next US President.

Times Higher Education’s university jobs website reveals that views of the Canada listings page from US ip's jumped 17-fold on the day of the election results in the United States as compared to the week before.

Although the  views on both pages dropped this week after the election result, these were still expected to be  higher than typical levels. Views on pages offering  jobs at Canadian universities were up 19 per cent by 16 November as compared to the statistics on 2 November. The findings by analysis from The Globe and Mail in Canada also show that Mr Trump’s win sparked a wave of interest from American students willing to study  in Canadian universities.

University of Toronto says that the institution’s enrolment website received 10 times more traffic from computers in the US on the day after the election than on the day before said Ted Sargent vice-president international at the 

He said the site received a typical 1,000 visits on 8 November, compared with 10,000 the next day.

To add to the data, Google searches show a 2 fold increase increase in the online search of term like  “college Canada” and “university Canada” as much on 9 November than on any other day in the past five years, it found.

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